The United Way of Treasure Valley introduced the Community School Strategy to Idaho in 2015 after their 2014 Community Assessment data highlighted the need for co-located services.

Local leaders went to visit Community Schools in the Salt Lake City area to see how other regions were tackling the same challenges. Inspired by what they saw, the Boise School District launched Idaho’s first four Community Schools in neighborhood Title I elementary schools during the 2016 – 2017 school year.

Since that time, many school districts in the Treasure Valley have embraced the strategy. Please refer to the map below to see where Idaho’s Community Schools are located.

Number of Community Schools in Idaho as of October 2023 in 25 School Districts

Community School Locator

Link to United Way of Treasure Valley’s Community Strategy page for more details.

Idaho Coalition for Community Schools’ Collaborative Funders

In 2021 the Idaho Coalition for Community Schools leaders convened a group of organizations support existing and new Community Schools in Idaho. This collaborative funders group is comprised of the following partners:

Collaborative funders