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A pantry inside a Community School

Publication Date: 11/28-2023
Official Announcement of Nearly $74 Million Across the Country to Expand Full-Service Community Schools

“The U.S. Department of Education today announced nearly $74 million in new, five-year Full-Service Community Schools (FSCS) grants to support an additional 30 local educational agencies, nonprofits, and other public or private organizations and institutions of higher education working to expand community schools including by making awards in four new states: Idaho, Missouri, New Hampshire, and Ohio.”
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Publication Date: 11/28/2023
Idaho to Receive Over $6 million in 2024 for Full-Service Community Schools

“Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction Debbie Critchfield wrote in part, ‘By offering additional services to our most vulnerable students, community schools help provide kids some of the basics they need to learn in the classroom. These grants mean more districts can consider participating to benefit their students and communities.”
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Publication Date: 11/28/2023
U.S. Education Secretary Announces $6.5 Million Grant to Support Idaho Community Schools

“If you think about the fact that more than 70% of Idaho is rural, and a lot of rural communities have limited additional resources to help children outside of the school setting, this grant is going to help bring those resources together and help to support those students.”
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Publication Date: 11/28/2023
US Education Secretary Visits Boise Schools to Announce Grant and Discuss Mental Health

“The grant will ‘enhance the already strong’ community school programs in Idaho, Cardona said. ‘The program that they have here is a model program,’ he said of Whitney, a community school on the Boise Bench.”
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Publication Date: 11/16/2023
Community Schools Coordinator Spotlight: Cascade’s Josh Hurley“

I think our communities as a whole need to work together to make sure that when children show up, they have that ability to get focused in the classroom. Sometimes it takes the resources of an entire community to make this happen. The Community Schools strategy is really the mechanism that we can use to get that done.”
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Publication Date: 10/31/2023
Early Learning in American Falls

“This one-stoplight farming community on the banks of the Snake River has seen marked improvements in family engagement, preschool access and kindergarten readiness in just the last few years — the results of a grassroots effort to support children and families in this enclave of southeastern Idaho.”
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Helping students and families in need

Publication Date: 2/9/23
In Nampa alone there are five Family Community Resource Centers that take part in this initiative and they are working to raise awareness so that they might help more families.
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More Idaho School Districts Are Embracing The Community School Strategy

Publication Date: 1/30/23, (ISBA’s Slate magazine pages 36-39)
“Community Schools offer a strong return on investment in Idaho communities, supporting student achievement and family success.”
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Students learning in a classroom

Spelling it Out: Types of Schools

Publication Date: 1/23/23
“A community school is a school or district that works with community partners to help students be successful by providing services and opportunities to them and their families within and beyond the school day.”
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“Everybody goes through tough times”: Community schools address basic needs so students can focus on learning

Publication Date: 1/23/23
Their philosophy: Students are more likely to succeed when their basic needs — and those of their families — are met.
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Helping students thrive

Community Schools in Idaho are bolstering by statewide networks and enriched learning opportunities

Publication Date: 12/1/22
“Idaho is demonstrating innovation and investment through implementation of community school strategies.”
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Nonprofits partner with schools to spotlight chronic absenteeism

Publication date: 10/4/22
“Recent data from 2020-21, shows that more than a quarter of the students in 19 school districts and charters were chronically absent.”
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Caldwell School District looks to shore up attendance

Publication date: 9/15/22
“Each school has a team that focuses on students who are chronically absent. The district first tries to understand why the students are absent, and then offers resources for the students and their families.”
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A one-stop shop for family resources anchors in Marsing

Publication date: 11/24/21
“United Way helps foster a collaborative of Idaho educators doing community school work, called the Idaho Coalition for Community Schools, and provides direct funding for a handful of the schools.
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Marsing School District turns middle school into a community resource center

Publication Date: 2/6/2020
“The Hub acts as a school and community resource center. With a mission to reduce barriers such as food insecurity and other issues that impact students and families.”
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Community Schools in the Boise District

Publication Date: 11/1/19
“Many partners are involved in each of the Community Schools, including non-profits such as the United Way and the Y, area hospital and clinics, churches, and others.
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Purposity Uses App Technology To Connect Donors With Low-Income Students

Publication Date: 4/29/19
“Purposity is an app that helps Treasure Valley social workers use crowdfunding to raise money to by essential products like clothes, toiletries and and other daily necessities for low-income students.”
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Nampa Resource Center Provides Stability for Struggling Families

Publication Date: 12/10/18
Kids can pick up bags of food to bring home to their parents, who may not have access to transportation.
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Sacajawea, Snake River Elementary Schools become first community schools in Canyon County

Publication Date: 8/10/17
“Snake River and Sacajawea Elementary are the first community schools in Canyon County, which means they will be a hub of support for students, families and others in the community.
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